4 Great Home Improvement Apps To Simply Your Project

As communication technology has taken center stage, no industry has grown like the mobile app industry. The mobile app industry is expected to reach $100 billion in annual revenue by 2017. It seems that no industry has been left untouched by the mobile app revolution, including the home improvement industry. In fact there are highly effective applications that will prove extremely helpful during your next home improvement project.

There are apps to help calculate dimensions, provide improvement suggestions, installation instructions and more. This brief article will take a look at 4 home improvement mobile apps that can help make your next home improvement project flow much smoother than any time in the past.


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The Houzz app is more like a mobile design gallery that features in excess of 1.5 million high-resolution design photos. CNN called the Houzz app the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design”. You have the option to browse the gallery by room type, style, location and more. You can even save those photos and ideas you like to your own personalized virtual idea book. It is an amazing high-tech method of creating design collages.

The app is designed primarily for smart phone screens; however, when opened on the iPad and stretched, the images were still clear, and the app was still functional.


If for some reason the Houzz app doesn’t appeal to your taste, worry not. The Dwell home improvement mobile app is a free app that you can get for your Apple iPhone or your Android based phone. This mobile app provides the latest graphics and ideas that provide the coverage that presents intelligent ideas that cover some of the most modern architectural designs available. In addition to photos, Dwell also offers video and text.

Dwell is another app designed for smaller screens, but it does well on the screens of tablets as well.

Home Design 3D for Apple

This app is able to produce a 3 dimensional rendering of a marginal renovation of a particular room or it can produce a full scale reconstruction of a room or particular area in your home. This app was designed and developed for Apple’s iOS and will work with iPhone or iPad. This application; however is not free, it comes with a nominal fee of $6.00 for iPad and $4.00 for iPhone. This application is a highly functional, somewhat eviscerated version of the desktop software.

My Measures and Dimensions

This app has reached 4 million users globally. This Apple-featured application allows the user to take a photo and then add the dimensions and measurements, as well as notes. This is a great “do it yourself” application.

No matter what type of home improvement project you may be working on, there are mobile applications that can assist you in completing your project. Many will help you cut time and costs. Some will provide valuable insight and useful information while other will provide schematics and operational support. With the right search you can find the home improvement app that is right for you and your project.

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