5 Health And Beauty Apps Every Woman Will Want To Own

Even though you don’t have to walk about looking great all the time it’s probably really important to you. It can’t be easy because there is so much work you have to do on a daily basis. Instead of spending hours per week working on your appearance you should try to lighten the load by letting some health and beauty apps help you out. We can look at a few now to give you an idea of what I mean.

OPI Nail Studio

How many minutes do you waste choosing a particular shade of nail polish when you visit the salon? If you spend any more than 2 minutes you can make better use of your time. First you will need the OPI nail studio app. You will see a hand on the screen and you’ll have to change the shade until it matches your own. Then just flick through multiple shades of nail polish until you find one you like. Now when you get to the salon you will know exactly what you want.


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Do you regularly get compliments because of the clothes you wear? Everyone can pick an outfit they think looks nice, but it doesn’t mean everyone else will agree. The Stylebook app encourages you to take a photo of your outfit and save it on your phone. The next time you get a compliment you can record exactly what you’re wearing. You can wear the same outfit again when you go somewhere else and you’ll know people will love it.

MakeUp Virtual Makeover

The MakeUp app really does take virtual makeovers to a whole new level. If you’ve never used anything like it you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You will first need to find a great photo of your face so you can upload it to the app. Once it’s displayed on the screen you can test out a huge amount of hairstyles and makeup selections. Never again will you need to spend ages trying to figure out what style suits you the best.


You can go out and spend all your money on fancy makeup and other beauty products, but would you give someone your money if they tested their products on defenseless animals? Do you have a condition that means you would have an allergic reaction to certain makeup as soon as it touches your skin? It’s important to know these things before you get your money out and the GoodGuide app will tell you everything you need to know.


If you spend a lot of time in spas getting beauty treatments you might decide not to go to the same one every time. Not because the place you go to isn’t great, but it’s just nice to change things up. You could also be looking for a new spa when you’re out of town. The SpaFinder app is a great place to search for the place you’ll try next. You might even find a special one that isn’t too popular yet because you’ll be able to read reviews from people who have been there before.

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