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Throughout this present age’s multitudes of technological advancements, particularly within the ICT field, the ability to edit, to alter has proven itself a key capability of any technological invention worth its salt.
To possess the ability to manipulate any given media at will is to have complete control over that medium, and as such it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to present editing as one of technology’s most profound inventions.
That understood, one would immediately postulate a most important question; what qualities would you say constitutes the qualities and attributes of a truly impressive and superior editing software? Well it’s possible you would put forward qualities such as the following:

  • An ability to create multiple clips by splitting long videos.
  • An ability to create singular files by amalgamating several videos together.
  • The most basic of capabilities to copy, paste, even delete entire videos or just separate segments.
  • Even more basic would be the ability to crop videos, execute orientation correction through rotation, possibly even provide video enhancement mechanisms via colour correction schemes, this alongside the speeding up and slowing down of videos and compression from larger video sizes to smaller formats.


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Does that sound like something that would illicit pleasure from you, which would qualify as truly great editing software; well then all the above attributes and more would be what you would expect from any decent aimersoft video editor review.

Aimersoft video editor has stood the test of time, providing support for a wide range of formats within video, audio and imagery, designed to provide enhanced editing mechanism through which one can more efficiently edit any movies, videos, photos, music, from a wide variety of sources, including homemade.

And in gifting one the ability to execute editing activities against any downloaded material, Aimersoft video editor goes a step further, enabling one to save and store their work within one of several formats, depending on their particular requirements.

  • Input formats will include-JPG, JPEG and PNG for images, AC3, MP3, WAV and OGG for audio, MPEG4, HD TRP and HD MPG for HD video, MP4, MTS, TOD, AVI, WMV and FLV for SD video just to mention a few.
  • Output formats will include-ISO, DVD disc and DVD folder for DVD, MP4, DVDvideo, MKV, ASF and M4V and Xvid for SD video, MP4, WMV and AVI and MOV for HD video.
  • Output Device formats will include-Iphone5, 4S, 3GS, IPod nano, classic, and a variety of IPad and Samsung devices
  • Along with social media network compatible storage formats, aimersoft video editor brings to the table myriads of features including the following:
    1. Expect the basics, such as fade in and out effects as well as the ability manipulate volume, this including pitch.
    2. Take snap shots of video scenes and observe the results in real time.
    3. Improved clip manipulation abilities via scene detection features designed to take note of changes in a scene.
      +Aimersoft video editor is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, XP and vista; it requires a minimum of 512MB of RAM and a 1GHZ processor, possibly an AMD CPU.

With more recent versions improving the program’s efficiency, specifically with regards to output quality and track switching capabilities, it is of little wonder that customer reviews are so positive.

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