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Social media pages come in a wide variety of forms. There are those pages that focus on status updates only, such as Twitter with its character limit. And then there are those that focus on providing people with extensive articles and helpful tips, such as Blogger. And then there are the social media sites like Craigslist that give you access to classified ads in your community for products and services.

But if you’re thinking about remodelling your home and installing new flooring throughout, then you want to focus on the visual social media websites, listed below, that will help you actually see the products in action.


Instagram is all about pictures. And while there are plenty of individuals who are registered users on the site and use it just for fun every day to interact with friends, there are also plenty of really popular businesses on there as well. From flooring installation companies to interior design firms, you can find a variety of photos of the latest and greatest hardwood flooring options to the most beautiful tiles and even carpets that are made from recycled materials to make them environmentally friendly. Seeing these products in the photos will definitely help you gauge whether or not you’d like to include them in your own home.


If you’d prefer to not bother setting up an account on Instagram or if you simply don’t like the results of your search on that social media website, the next site you can try is Pinterest. This is a hugely popular social media network of people who love to “pin” beautiful and inspiring photos to their Pinterest boards. You can perform a search for any type of flooring you’re looking for and myriad photographs will appear. Click on the photos to enlarge them and then click on them again to visit the sites that the photos are sourced from. This will help you not only see the flooring options in beautifully designed spaces, it’ll also give you access to more information about the benefits and drawbacks of the flooring and where to purchase it.


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Although Facebook used to be all about the textual status updates, today’s users are focusing more on promoting their products by using photos and videos. Connect with flooring retailers and interior designers to gain access to these images right on your newsfeed every day and to be able to interact with other users on these pages to ask questions. 


If you really want to see what different types of flooring look like or what’s required to have them installed, search for them on YouTube, where you may be lucky enough to find companies promoting their products and proving to you how easy and quick the installation process can be.

Finding the right social media websites for specific tasks, such as locating the best products that will look perfect throughout your home, involves knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each type of social media website. When it comes to seeing products that you’re thinking about purchasing in photos and videos, stick with YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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