Hostingreport: a distinguishing tool for website’s hosting details, SEOs, safety, etc

It’s good to be investigative these days. Especially while dealing with web platforms, it is quite essential that you have each bit of information regarding the authentication of the site. You may be interested to know about the hosting house as well and various details associated with it.

On this context, can be a very good option for you. It is a web tool with excellent simplicity. The tool is absolutely free to use as well providing detail about a site’s hosting house.

Going with it:

The process is too straight. Upon visiting the site you can find a search box with the title Input Site name. You just have to mention the site of your interest here, and click the search button.


There comes the full fetched report with the details like site domain name, server location, server IP, Server Latitude longitude, hosted by, Domain hosted on ID, Google analytics ID, Alexa Rank, Page Speed, Estimated daily visitors, Estimated daily revenue, website valuation about the particular site, etc.

It describes about the concept about which the particular site is based on, its niche along a nice traffic graph presenting a good idea about the performance of the site.

Coming soon:

I think it’s already a great site, but there is still a lot more with it for you to offer. In a very near future the tool is going to offer information like social status of the site, confirms whether the site is included in CMOZ directory, ensures about the safety concerns of the site, etc.

The SEO experts are going to find it pretty useful as well. It will be providing the backlinks statistics, on site SEO reports like H1, H2 tags Meta description, native links, title tags, etc. It will be providing detail information about domain registrations like domain registration date, the site owner’s name, and the expiry date of the site.

The site works well powered by the technologies like Jquery, CSS, Nginx, Apache, etc.

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