Make Debt and Nuisance Calls Go Away

The tactics of unscrupulous companies that use cold calling as their main way to reach new customers are often to use generic words when asked for the name of the business that the caller is representing. The words ‘money’, ‘advice’, ‘bureau’ or ‘agency’ are typical of companies involved in the financial sector. There are companies wanting to offer their services to seek compensation or provide cheap loans. A caller is likely to be well prepared and able to answer many of the objections the recipient raises. They are dangerous for the unwary.


The debt agencies are equally adept, whether they are providing solutions to an existing problem, or in fact ringing to try to get a creditor to pay up. They can be persistent and if you have a problem then you need to address it. You need to make a proposal because if you have borrowed from a reputable company, it is likely to listen to you and try to help. Ignoring telephone calls may not be the tactic to use because the problem will not simply go away.


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You may reach a stage where you dread the phone ringing. If you have Caller ID you will know who it is or at least you will know if it is a friend or member of the family. You have the choice to ignore it, though if it is a debt collector, you should perhaps make a proposal in writing and ask that future contact is purely by letter. That does not solve the miscellaneous cold calls that seem to be a feature of modern life. Call centres generally have an automatic redialling system, so ignoring a call is likely to simply result in another call down the line.


The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a service that land line subscribers can register with and that should stop a proportion of unwanted calls because companies should check whether the homeowner has registered with the service. However, many companies simply ignore this in an effort to drum up business.


People who want those nuisance calls to stop need to do more, and one of the ways to do that is to be proactive. Instead of having a phone where voluntary compliance is in place, the action should be to get positive registration of the numbers you want to accept, with all others blocked. Companies have something that may interest you and you can read through the website to see if you agree.
It can actually stop those calls from debt collectors of course but in this case they will not go away if there is an outstanding debt. You should try to resolve that by making a proposal while getting a blocking system to make your telephone a pleasure once more.

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