Outsourced Managed Security Services

Today, before anything else one of your major concerns for your business would be its security. It is said that if you implement security measures right from the beginning, the efforts and money spent in those activities initially provides huge benefits in long run, when your business expands. Obviously as business grows, a separate entity or service is required which can manage security as a separate responsibility. There are several companies providing such managed security services called MSSP (Managed security service provider).
There are three ways; onsite, remotely and cloud via which business risk services can be delivered. And there are six categories of managed security services as follows,


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  1. Onsite Consulting – MSSPs handle business related risks, key requirements and policies in this category. The design, procedures and security architecture is assessed here. They also handle onsite incidents responses, forensics and security product integration for business.
  2. Remote Perimeter Management – Intruders are major menace when we talk about networks. This head takes care of all your upgrades and installation of firewalls and virtual private networks, intruder detection hardware/software requirements and any configuration required.
  3. Product Resale – This is the primary revenue generator for MSSPs where several value added hardware/software services are offered.
  4. Managed Security Monitoring – For day today monitoring of network this service is offered. Here, MSSPs take care of hacks, denial of service, anomalies or any kind of unexpected/ unauthorized behaviour. They also analyse what they monitor regularly.
  5. Penetration and Vulnerability Testing – Several drills of testing are performed under this category. These mock tests are done occasionally and regularly depending on the traffic and network. But this kind of service does not promise the testing of whole network.
  6. Compliance Monitoring – There are set of rules which must be followed under any circumstances and hence compliance to these is necessary for a secure network. To check the compliance MSSPs look for any technical risks like administrators allowing themselves extreme access and audit for any changes done via change management.

Not everyone has expertise and time to perform and understand management of security functions and it leads to the outsourcing of managed security services. Spending some money on risk and security management is definitely a good idea, which can prevent you from huge losses in future.


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